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What it means to exist in the hygienic products market is to continuously develop the various hygienic products you are selling and responsible for and to show great efforts to become a leading company in our market for the sales of such products across the world.

We are aware of the fact that the competition environment increasing throughout the world leads you to sell the products with added value with the best continuous performance output. For this reason, companies in more than 85 countries all over the world still experience the advantages to work in cooperation with Paksel.

Paksel Kimya was established in 1991 in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone that is considered as the core of the Turkish Industry for the manufacturing and sales of hygienic products. After starting with the production of diapers, a relief for both the infants and the parents, it added the sanitary pads for women in its product range in 2004 and applied the know-how of diapers to women’s sanitary pad. Paksel, never giving up investing in the latest technology available today, extended its product range in 2007 one more time and added disposable under-sheets and  waist-band adult diapers to its production.

What we believe in as Paksel:  

  • Continuously renew our products
  • To seek for what is perfect
  • To be the leader in technical innovations in our market
  • To find for you the most appropriate marketing tactics and to support the same
  • To comprehend the requirements of our customers in the best manner
  • To maintain the loyal and reliable relations between our customers throughout the world and to provide the service

We are aware that we are the most reliable business partner for many purchasing and sales companies for a period over 20 years. We supply the 1st quality raw materials from companies that are, before all else, environment friendly being leaders in their own sectors and which have provided many favors for both parties and with which we have had strong and reliable commercial relations for many years. With the responsibility of our trust in the highest quality in the provision of service, we perform the quality control checks of our own products and those of the raw materials at certain intervals via independent laboratories. 

For a period over 20 years, Paksel with it its production capacity exceeding 500,000,000 pieces, its facility providing the latest technology in the market today on an area of 30,000 m2 and its fundamental and the most required know-how in the hygienic products market, will enable you to gain success even in the toughest markets.

Paksel is still continuing with its know-how and investments in people, therefore providing the best service. Today, the future of all industries is shaped by the global point of view. With our experience in our field, we will assist you in defining the most appropriate product type for your market and to create the rightest product by means of forming various applications of your own products tailored to your needs. We feel confident that we will be assisting you in forming prices that are most appropriate for competition and for the last development phase of the products. Other than our own brands namely Bebiko, Good Baby, Vip Baby and Diana, we produce private label products to be sold in more than 85 countries across the world. With our solution oriented way of thinking, we experience the privilege of working with various customers in more than 85 countries. Besides, we feel proud in leading the way to bring in many impressive firsts changing the market structure.

Paksel is listed among the first 1000 exporters in Turkey, with its export to 85 countries.
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